Sharon Clem


Sharon Clem


2911 Ozark Road

Chattanooga, TN  37415



Though she resides in Chattanooga, she grew up in Mobile, AL, where she was surrounded by water wherever she went – the Gulf of Mexico, the Mobile River, the Bay, Swamps, bayous, and marshes. Her naturalistic oil paintings reflect her love of water and beautifully colored skies.  She prefers bright, bold nature scenes, striking dramatic contrasts, and an abundance of color and light.

She received her B.A. in English from the University of Alabama and her M.S. in Counseling from the University of South Alabama. She began painting in 2006, and she is partially self-taught and partially other-taught. Her favorite artistic styles are French Impressionism with Monet and American Impressionism.

 She paints because it is such a joy to be creative and to produce something of beauty.  It feels exhilarating, reduces stress and keeps her sane.  She said she sees God’s hand everywhere in nature and makes a meager attempt to copy it.

 She is a member of the Civic Arts League, and has had shows in the Chattanooga Area. 

Sharon’s current artwork!