Raul “Rudy” Ramirez

Rudy Ramirez


3429 Corral Drive
Marietta, GA 30066


(770)971-9773 & (770)402-8527



Born in Texas and raised in Ohio, I first became interested in modern art while in high school and began experimenting in metal sculpture and abstract painting. I won a few local art competitions before proudly serving in the 101st Airborne in Vietnam.

My work career has taken me from designing window displays for Alexander’s department store in New York City, to welding in Buffalo, to various construction jobs, and portrait sketching on the beaches in south Florida. I have created murals and welded pieces for restaurants in Georgia and other southern states.

Along the way, as I moved from area to area, my art work has been exhibited at the Allentown Art Festival and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, as well as at galleries and bookstores in the Atlanta area. I was chosen to design and build a sculpture for the Atlanta Community Art Center.

After a hiatus from actively creating, I am again getting the “itch” to start stretching the canvas and applying the paint.

Rudy’s current artwork!