Joyce T Jones


Joyce T. Jones

3105 East Court Terrace
Chattanooga, Tenn. 37404
(423) 624-7973

Joyce is a native Chattanoogan who attended the University of Chattanooga and Georgia State where she received both biology and medical technology degrees. Wishing to travel beyond the Tennessee state line, she met her love in Athens, Greece and eventually married him: John Jones, aka “Indiana Jones”, who has since led her to adventures in various parts of the world. They have lived in Pakistan, the Philippines, France and Japan and traveled in some parts of the almost unknown world.

As a young wife living in Japan, Joyce took advantage of an opportunity to learn oil painting from a well know Japanese artist, Nakamura. This awakened her to the exciting world of art and provided a new group of international friends with commons interests.
During later years in Houston, Texas Joyce worked as a Medical Technologist but managed to participate in various art workshops. One of her favorite teachers was Russian born Ephem Frumin, who taught the old master’s techniques.

Upon returning to Chattanooga Joyce worked at Memorial Hospital as a microbiologist for thirteen years. During that time she was able to learn to play the violin and eventually joined the Senior Neighbors Orchestra, along with the “Thursday Painters”, a group of friends who painted together and held several exhibitions. Some of Joyce’s pieces were selected for benefit shows for both Memorial Hospital and Knoxville Museum of Art.

Upon retirement Joyce joined CAL and enjoys the camaraderie and stimulation of other artists. In addition to various CAL workshops, she has enjoyed learning from a well known Chattanooga artist, Virgian Skipper.

Artist statement: I hope to embrace my friends, my family, and the beauty of each day in the contemplation of my art.

Joyce’s current artwork!