Harry Cheruk

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6602 Harvestview Lane

Harrison, TN 37341



I was born and raised in upstate New York, the fifth of six children. I liked to draw. One of my first adventures in art was when I was in kindergarten. It was a walk through a house we rented, whereby I left my ‘mark,’ (with one of those very smelly, very permanent markers, which glided oh so freely); on several door jambs and a few walls too. The exhibit was impressive, and I was hooked. My brothers and sisters, however, (they had to help clean up), were not. My family warmed to it after I was restricted to pencils… on paper… away from the walls… and outside.

In high school, drawing was my ‘happy place,’ and it gave me pleasure to share it with others. During that time, I also found oils. In 1977, I graduated from high school and was awarded the Charles E. Burchfield scholarship in Art. I went on to studies at Dutchess Community College and SUNY New Paltz. I saw a broader range of media and styles. I was amazed at the possibilities while working in oils, along with crayon, pastel, and charcoal. I had the chance to also work in intaglio (acid etched, and engraved) and did some sculpture studies in plaster. It was fun to wrestle with the work!

From 1979 to 1981, I was also privileged to intern for the sculptor and illustrator, Arthur Lidov, giving me an up-close look at the work and discipline of the Artist.

After leaving school, in 1982, I married my best friend Penny, and we were blessed with our daughter, Lindsay. Soon after I decided to pursue a career in printing which was engaging, paid the bills, but didn’t provide much in the way of a creative outlet. In 1999, I accepted a position with a printing company here, and we relocated to Chattanooga.

During the twenty or so years since I had last touched a brush to canvas, Penny continued to encourage me to return to my painting. But, I seldom did. In 1992, I painted the backdrop to the baptistry at Grace Freewill Baptist Church in Louisa, VA. In 2004, I painted a mural in my grandson, Braden’s, nursery; and then another mural later that year for a local home in Ringgold, GA.

Last year, Penny and I prayed on it… It was time to create again and share. I am currently working on skyscapes in acrylics and mixed media. My work is on exhibit (“Mixed Media, Contemporary, and Abstract” April – June 2015) at Reflections Gallery, Lee Hwy. Chattanooga.

In April 2015, I was accepted as a member of the Civic Arts League, Inc., and look forward to participating in, and promoting its many endeavors.