Cynthia Elaine Pennington

cynthia pennington


536 South Crest Road

Chattanooga, TN 37404


Cynthia Elaine is an emotionally and spiritually insightful watercolor artist from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She captures the sensual and sublime, the sacred and profound, through expressive renderings that are often simple, close-up representations or abstract impressions employing unexpected colors and spiritual themes. Viewing art as a journey of self-expression, Cynthia reveals, “Art is the way I know myself and my Creator.” She experiences creativity as an act of worship, a belief developed as the daughter of a minister and further cultivated as a theological graduate herself from Emory University.

Rediscovering her childhood bliss, she quite literally waded into the water as an artist, taking her first watercolor class on the Beach of Ocracoke Island a decade ago. Like a thirsty brush, she continued absorbing knowledge under the tutelage of Betty Brown, John Campbell Folk School; Carroll Shoupe, Maryville College; Susie Holt, Knoxville Arts Center; Stacey Fletcher, University of Tennessee; and Karla Kincannon, Scarritt Bennett.

Cynthia has exhibited at the Knoxville Arts and Fine Crafts Center, John Campbell Folk School, Blount County Library, Hiwassee College, Healing Waters Center, Vine Street Market, St. Mark’s Gallery, Talus Restaurant at Lookout Mountain, and other churches and private residences. A graduate of the Holmberg Institute and a member of AVA, she served as the Artistic Director of the St. Andrews Arts Academy – a nonprofit arts education program for inner city children, taught for Art Creations, and has led numerous “Artist Way” groups and spiritual retreats.

Artist mission: “To be a vessel of grace, light of beauty, and artist of truth”