Joanne Stanfield, Manager of the Collegedale Public Library in Ooltewah is allowing us to display our art each month.

In order to be a featured artist you must have at least 10 paintings to exhibit.

You will need to:

  1. Hang your own paintings (left wall as you come in the front door.)


  1. Make your own labels. Your labels for each painting should include the title, medium, price, your name and phone number.  Please make the labels look professional the way they do for all of the Civic Arts League exhibits.


  1. You will need to make an inventory list of your paintings. I recommend printing several copies (10 to 15) for the library to hand out to interested clients.


  1. You will need to take your paintings down (leave the nails in the wall for the next artist) on the last day of the month you are featured.


  1. Before you show up to hang your work, please call Joanne Stanfield at (423)396-9223 and work out what would be a good time for the library. We do not want to be too disruptive to any of their programs.  You can go online to check the days and times the library is open.  Joanne often wants to take the artist’s photos with their artwork and send it to the local paper.


  1. Make some copies of your bio and leave them at the library too.  You can have your bio on one side of a sheet of paper, and the inventory list on the other.  People enjoy getting information about the artists doing the exhibit.  It could boost sales!

Please contact me, Jo Thomas, if you are interested in having your own exhibit at the Collegedale Public Library.  You can contact me via email at, or call me at (423)580-2270.  I have helped the library manager, Joanne Stanfield, exhibit art in the library for many years.  The library does not charge a fee to exhibit or take any commission on sales.